Astronomical! What this solar system placemat has that the others don't...

As far as educational placemats go, the solar system one is by far our most popular! We like to think it was the enthusiastic input of our 6 year old that has made this kids placemat a real winner...

In 2019 he presented a speech at school titled "Amazing Facts about Space", which meant he'd read a lot of reference books and was perfectly positioned to review other kids educational placemats and suggest improvements:

"Dad, the solar system only has EIGHT planets! Pluto is a dwarf planet."

"Mom, where are the moons? Why aren't the asteroid belts here?!"

It was just this type of feedback (and some behind-the-scenes fact-checking!) that led us to design the most informative and accurate solar system placemat on the market. If you are looking for kids placemats that offer the ultimate learning opportunity, then look no further...

A solar system placemat with more realistic scale
Most kids placemats about space do not accurately depict each planet's relative scale, or their size relative to the sun. We do our best (within the space available!) to provide a more realistic picture of the comparative size of each planet, and give a better, if not true, indication of the enormous mass of the sun. Relative distance from the sun was impossible to show within the confines of a 17 inch space, but we've shown the order of the planets and asteroid belts as accurately as possible.

A kids placemat that shows outer space with two asteroid belts
We're not sure other kids solar system placemats feature the asteroid belt, let alone the Kuiper belt as well. We definitely haven't found any placemats for kids which detail the major asteroids that lie within these belts, including all five dwarf planets - Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.

An educational placemat featuring many, many moons
Earth has a moon. Most kids know that from a very early age. However, this kids placemat aims to educate children about the moons of other planets too. Kids are often surprised to discover that some planets have no moons, and Mars has two! They are further amazed to find out that Saturn has the largest number of satellites, with more than 80 confirmed moons!

A solar system placemat with greater educational content
Yes, there's more! This 'stellar' educational placemat also contains:
- a definition of the solar system.
- the planetary symbols used in astrology and astronomy to represent the eight modern planets.
- a chart that provides detailed information on each planet's rotation, orbit, distance from the sun, relative mass, atmosphere, temperature, moons and rings.

Children love this compact presentation of solar system facts in a simple, easy-to-use educational placemat. It's perfect for the table during mealtimes or as a desk pad reference tool during study sessions.

Our son says this solar system placemat is 'astronomical'! We hope you agree :-)

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