Kids dinner plates that are sure to delight! Melamine-free, Microwave-safe.

Kids dinner plates that are sure to delight! Melamine-free, Microwave-safe.

Do you know a child who loves fairies, mermaids, pirates, space, princesses, holidays and/or parties? And does that child love seeing their name on absolutely ANYthing?!

Well, here's a way to make mealtimes extra-special for that child. 

Introducing our new range of personalized kids dinner plates! Not only do they feature gorgeous and detailed illustrations that will capture the imagination of all young children, these plastic plates are made from a uniquely-blended, long-lasting, high-quality polymer which is BPA Free, FDA approved for food contact and contains no melamine or formaldehyde.

Delight your child
The adorable designs alone are enough to entrance any child, inspire their creativity and are a fun way of adding some extra entertainment and enjoyment to mealtimes.

However, it's the ability to add custom text that makes these kids dinner plates really special. Write your child a personalized note, adorn the plate with their name, or add a celebratory message. They'll love it! 

Delight yourself!
Our personalized kids dinner plates are suitable for any home and designed to last. Kids carers (read: cooks and cleaners!) will appreciate that these kids plates are:

Our personalized plates are made from a composite that does not absorb microwave energy - so only the food is heated - not the serving plate. This makes them extremely versatile in modern kitchens.

Oven-safe (convection or conventional)
Our kids plates will keep food warm in the oven at up to 300° for 45 minutes. You can even take them straight from the freezer to the oven!

Dishwasher-safe (any rack)
Our kids dinnerware is completely dishwasher-safe. That said, repeated dishwashing or extended contact with acidic food may cause darker colors to fade. If possible, wash on a normal cycle - no heated drying.

Feeding kids is tough enough without having to avoid using the microwave and hand wash all their dishes. These easy-to-use personalized plates are designed to withstand children, pets and everyday use! With a focus on design and discovery, our plastic kids tableware is best-in-class and highly versatile - use it indoors or outdoors, at home or away.

Be sure to check back soon for additions to our growing range!


= 100% USA MADE =
Our personalized kids plates don't just look good, they make you feel good too! All of the materials used in our products (plastic resin, ink, etc.) are manufactured in the USA. Moulding, decorating, packing and shipping is all done locally using 100% USA components and labor. No offshoring. No outsourcing. So you can feel great about shopping small and supporting local jobs and industry.


    Why choose melamine-free?

    Melamine is a nitrogen-based compound used by many manufacturers to create a number of products, including plastic dishware. It has featured in the press as potentially toxic, resulting in negative effects on kidney function, brain development and reproductive functions.

    One of the other concerns about melamine toxicity is that doctors don’t fully know the effects of chronic melamine exposure.

    The FDA has concluded that melamine tableware does not pose a health risk, but only when used appropriately. Melamine is dangerous when it is heated up because it releases hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxide. Melamine can also leach into food after dishes are repeatedly microwaved, or used to hold hot and acidic foods.


    What about bamboo dinnerware?

    Contrary to the eco-friendly, 'natural', non-toxic messaging from marketers of bamboo tableware, bamboo-based cookware or tableware could also release toxic substances into your food. 

    Bamboo is a plant, not a wood, and this impacts the manufacture of the material. Bamboo is used in the form of fibers or powder, which need to be agglomerated, and manufacturers most often use a plastic melamine-formaldehyde resin as a binder – what is more commonly known as 'melamine'. And it's not biodegradable, by the way...

    Of late, there have been more and more recalls of bamboo eating utensils, for example in France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark, particularly in the case of products intended for babies and children (plates, cups, picnic utensils and lunch boxes). Consumer organisations in these countries are therefore increasingly concerned about the safety of these products on public health grounds. Austria has already banned them.


    Whatever the latest research, we say - why take the risk? If there's a melamine-free alternative, use it. Best to err on the side of caution and have peace of mind when it comes to the safety and health of your loved ones.

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