Why people love using Jessie&Jade educational placemats for kids

Why people love using Jessie&Jade educational placemats for kids

“Sitting at the table with just a plate of food on a bare table makes me feel like something’s missing.”

Placemats have been around for many years, and although they have a reputation of being outdated and old-fashioned, online surveys have found that up to 90% of USA households still use placemats on a regular basis.

The top reasons people cite for using placemats in their everyday life are these:
1) Placemats protect the dining surface
2) Placemats provide decoration and add aesthetics
3) Placemats are convenient and reduce noise
4) Placemats provide entertainment 
5) Placemats increase sanitation

Jessie&Jade educational placemats deliver on every one of those reasons, and more!

1) Our educational placemats protect dining surfaces
The primary function of any placemat is to protect the dining surface (such as table and counter tops) from water marks, food stains or heat damage.

Our reusable kids placemats are made from a heat resistant, tough and durable polypropylene and are 0.6mm (0.024 inches) thick. Polypropylene has a melting point in excess of 100 degrees C, or 212 degrees F, but we do not recommend testing this with your food or tableware!

Jessie&Jade educational placemats are also a large size (11.7” x 16.5”) to provide a greater area of protection underneath crockery and cutlery.

“We bought a new table and chairs last year and we’re trying to keep the dishes from scratching up the finish.”

“Placemats help protect a wood table from moisture, heat, dings and scratches.”

2) Our kids placemats feature engaging designs and pleasing aesthetics
Jessie&Jade educational placemats can act as tabletop decorations and are a colorful addition to any table setting, even during special holidays and events (but don't forget, we also have a range of themed print-at-home placemats for special occasions!).

Asthetically, our kids placemats add color and vibrancy and, functionally, they provide visual stimulation for children who might otherwise get bored or distracted during mealtimes. 

“My table looks MUCH better with nice placemats!”

“Placemats are versatile and functional and I can easily change out the look.”

3) Our kids placemats are easy to use and reduce noise
Placemats are a really convenient way to keep your table clean and to reduce noise pollution by softening the clanging of dinnerware and cutlery.

Our educational kids placemats wipe clean with a damp cloth and can be used over and over. Better yet, when you are finished with them, put your Jessie&Jade educational placemats in the recycle bin to give them a new life as another product. 

Conventional placemats also lessen the clatter associated with glass, ceramics and metal cutlery coming in direct contact with dining surfaces. As an added bonus, Jessie&Jade kids placemats present youngsters new and interesting information that often reduces their noise level too!

“Placemat = easy to clean off.”

“We use them on the kitchen table. Mostly, it dampens the noise of plates moving about and sort of signals eating time, since we clear them off after eating.”

4) Jessie&Jade placemats are entertaining, as well as educational
Kids educational placemats can be an endless source of fun and entertainment and secretly allow learning to continue during meal time. Moreover, they encourage kids to sit at the table for longer, and provide a distraction from what they're eating (or not eating!). You could also try our print-at-home colouring placemats, or themed activity placemats, as a hands-on way to keep kids occupied during mealtime (a particularly welcome relief when dining out!).

“Great placemats for my grandkids while at my house. Such a wonderful learning tool. Learn and talk to the children as they sit and eat. Perfect!"”

“We use placemats for informal dining, or when my grandkids come over.”

5) Our kids placemats aid in sanitation
Jessie&Jade educational placemats aren't just good for the brain, they're good for the body too! Our plastic kids placemats provide a sound hygienic barrier between the table (or desk) and food, both at home or when eating out.

Numerous studies (see below) have shown an alarming amount of bacteria is present on kitchen countertops, restaurant tables and workplace desks. And since more and more people are now working from home, the dining table is commonly the center for eating and working, making it even more important to consider good hygiene and germ barriers.

“We have a kid who tends to drip yogurt or jelly at her spot... so there's basically always a placemat.”

As our customers attest, Jessie&Jade educational placemats are best-in-class and will give years of service in homes, classrooms and restaurants.  We cater to domestic and business customers and create designs that stand out from the rest. Check out our range here.


2012 ABC News "10 Germiest Places in a Restaurant" found that the fifth-dirtiest place was tables!

2011 NSF International "Germiest Places in the Home" study found that the highest concentration of germs is hiding in home kitchens.

2007 University of Arizona "Germs in the Workplace" study found that the average desktop has 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table and 400 times more than the average toilet seat.

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