About Us

"Hey there! I'm Jessie, CEO (Chief Education Officer). It's my job to write and check all the words and information you see on our products."

"Hello! My name is Jade. I'm also CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer). I make our products look great using gorgeous imagery, bright colors and clever layout."

Together, we are Jessie&Jade.


Products you can trust
Our products are the result of countless hours of work and rework, testing and retesting, to deliver on three promises to you:

1. Quality

Our products bring together the best in education, materials and design. They are tough and hardwearing, designed specifically for children and repeated use.

2. Charm and Style

Our engaging designs and illustrations delight children and carers alike! There's no better way to keep kids entertained, learning and inspire their creativity... plus, our products add life and color to your home.

3. Safety
Our educational products meet the highest safety standards so you can use them with confidence. They contain no toxic additives and are printed with non-toxic, child-friendly inks. Our placemats are compliant with Australian Food Standard 2070-1999.

People you might know
We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them. We manufacture solely in Australia and the USA, in factories run by people we know and trust. We are committed to always supporting local suppliers in the marketplaces we serve.

Values you can share
As a company, we always try to make decisions that we and our customers can be proud of. Our products meet the highest quality standards in design and manufacture, they are environmentally responsible and ethically sourced. We hope your family will enjoy them for many years to come.